Kordeleski Consulting offers strategic solutions for credit unions.

Strategy. Growth. Community. Alignment.

Kordeleski Consulting

Kordeleski Consulting leverages decades of success in the financial services industry to provide value-based consulting and strategic planning services to credit unions in the United States.

The president and founder of Kordeleski Consulting is Kirk Kordeleski, who oversaw multi-billion dollar growth during his tenure as CEO of Long Island-based Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

Kordeleski Consulting
Kirk Kordeleski, CEO of Kordeleski Consulting

Kirk Kordeleski

Kirk Kordeleski is widely considered a breakthrough financial performer with an unmatched track record of growing credit unions and providing leadership and direction in the non-profit community.
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We provide a thorough analysis of the opportunities and threats facing our clients and create a comprehensive strategic vision to reach success.
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Our unique vision in the areas of value, growth, community and alignment allow us to offer unparalleled strategic consulting for credit unions and non-profits.
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