Our Experience

Kordeleski Consulting brings a depth of experience and understanding to the growth and development of credit unions. Growth doesn’t happen overnight and cannot occur in a vacuum. In order to establish a successful growth plan, we perform extensive due diligence on the organization, its constituency and all related economic factors such as geographic territory, financial and human capital resources.

We provide a thorough analysis of the opportunities and threats facing our clients and create a comprehensive strategic vision and understanding of the tools required to reach success. In every case, we also take great pains to define what success means to our clients from brand awareness, innovation, community engagement and financial goals. Kordeleski Consulting also examines an organization’s existing assets such as management team, technology and partnerships and helps determine whether or not these assets can be deployed more efficiently in service of the overall strategic vision.

Kordeleski Consulting offers strategic solutions for credit unions.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Exploring growth opportunities through shared services and partnerships is an area where Kordeleski Consulting excels. Sometimes the most efficient and economical path to growth lies within strategic partnerships that benefit multiple players.

One of the most important areas of expertise Kordeleski Consulting provides is mentorship. Mentoring comes in many forms from board members and executive team leadership to key relationships among community and member stakeholders. Implementing growth strategies often requires cultural and behavioral changes, which can be difficult in mature organizations that are conservative both culturally and by charter. Therefore, it requires outstanding communication and collaboration among and between leadership, members, employees, board members and the greater community. Kordeleski Consulting provides outstanding mentoring services to all of the key players to create an overarching strategic alignment with the financial and growth goals of our clients.

Kordeleski Consulting helps its clients identify both the opportunities and potential partners in a shared service arrangement as part of the overall growth strategy.

Our Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance and Alignment Solutions
  • Government Affairs
  • Community Development
  • Vendor Evaluation/Selection
  • Charter Analysis/Expansion
  • Member Experience
  • Operational Efficiency/Process Improvement Review
  • Building and Expanding Business Lines
  • CUSO Start-up and Management
  • Brokerage and Insurance and Investment Program Management and Vendor Selection Management
  • Real Estate (Commercial, Mortgage, Home Equity) Sales, Operations, Systems, Compensation, Cross Selling, and Secondary Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Credit Scoring, Model, and Loan Review Services

Client Testimonial

Heidi Overman

Professional Development Coordinator with CUES

“As you know, Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO of Bethpage, spoke last night at the OM Financial-sponsored DSS reception as OM’s special guest. I just wanted to pass on my two cents of feedback as I thought it went really well… Kirk is great and I’d love to see more sponsors using this value-added content-driven approach.

Kirk spoke highly of CUES, the Institute program, as well as John Oliver, and weaved his 15-minute presentation in with what he’d taken in while sitting in on John’s session seamlessly. The content that he provided was a great value add, even though it was not at all directly related to what OM does.

Bethpage has a great story and Kirk is a passionate speaker.”

Kordeleski Consulting has the insights that will grow and establish value for your business.