Value-Based Consulting for Credit Unions


In order to establish a viable growth plan, an organization must be able to articulate its value proposition to its members and the community. Moreover, the belief in this value proposition must be present in all those who represent the organization. From the CEO and Chairperson of the board to the newest employee on the team, every person within the organization must have a deep and abiding belief and understanding of the organization’s value.


An organization must be committed to growth in order to thrive and weather any potential economic storm that comes its way. However, growth cannot be a singular mantra and exist simply to exist. There must be purpose and meaning behind a positive growth plan. Often times, organization set arbitrary growth goals without contemplating what it will take to get there and how to do so in the most efficient and responsible manner. Kordeleski Consulting is aggressively focused on bottom line growth in the most strategic, efficient and economical way possible in order to preserve our client’s ability to adapt to external forces.


One of the most important and oft-forgotten participants in an organization’s growth plan is the community it serves. This is especially true in the member owned credit union industry and the non-profit sector. Such organizations are a reflection of the health and vibrancy of the community they serve; therefore, it is essential to play an active role in nurturing the surrounding community when developing a strategic plan.


The greatest organizations in the world are ones that possess complete and total alignment both internally and externally. Those outside of these successful organizations understand the goals and benefits of the organization and can properly articulate them. Within these same organizations is a holistic alignment of mission and responsibility that is deeply ingrained in the work performed and culture it is performed within. Creating incredible alignment of all things that comprise an organization is one of the most difficult and intangible aspects of leadership but precisely what sets good organizations apart from the great ones.

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